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Virtual Al Fursan strengthens up

Posted on 28 Mar 2016
Just four months after foundation, the Virtual Al Fursan accomplished to fill the flying positions within the team. And the footage they publish is promising. From the Virtual Al Fursan Facebook feed: So, Tonight we did something fun… Progress is going well and we hope to show a

Virtual Patrouille Suisse – Operation Lauberhorn

Posted on 23 Feb 2016
The following short article was composed and submitted to be part of a magazine release that in the end never came out. It was written a bit over a year ago and is in “we” form. It contains not only information specifically about the Virtual Patrouille Suisse, but all virt

My Journey into Formation Aerobatics…

Being a Horsemen Part 13

Posted on 03 Feb 2014
Hey Guys, So I left you all after we were having a few training sessions around VFAT and we were busy working away behind the scenes on the now announced Great Warbird Historic Flight. Its been a very busy few months and for the benefit of anyone who hasnt seen or heard about it Rock

So where do we go from here?

Posted on 03 Jan 2014
What a journey it has been over the past 9 months! I have gone from being greener then a seasick turtle to flying right wing for the Virtual Horsemen.  One of the things that makes me laugh looking back is how far things have come in a short space of time. The echo of Rock screaming a

32 Slot Dedicated Server

Virtual-Aerobatics.Com offers a public 32 slot dedicated server. This server features multiple aircraft and can be used by people of all skill levels to practice there formation aerobatic or solo skills.


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